The Incapital Approach

Our approach is to combine our understanding of user behavior with a commitment to meeting the business goals of our clients. We are proactive in our aftercare service and will alert our customers of any malicious behavior that we find.


We strive for excellence in all that we do. We set high personal and company standards, and then consistently try to exceed them. We attract self-motivated, highly capable, results-oriented people and invest heavily in their development.

Openness and Honesty

We believe that open communication builds trust, which is the foundation of any relationship whether it’s with our employees or our clients.

Social Resposibility

We are very much aware that this world isn’t ideal and that by helping others we can make a difference. We regularly attend humanitarian tournaments, provide gifts for various occasions to the less privileged and donate our knowledge. It is our goal to make a difference in this world by creating bespoke products and giving back.

Grow with Incapital Asia
  • About Us
    a Venture Capital and Business Investment Consulting and Advisory Firm which serves clients both locally and internationally. Our investments span a range of industries. We go beyond intelligence gathering to provide tailored analysis, guidance and insight that help clients and business partners make the right moves and position themselves to succeed in the most promising and challenging markets.
  • Purpose and Value
    We are honest with each other and truthful in our dealings. We keep our promises and take the high road when in doubt. We dedicate ourselves to the service of our clients and communities - setting aside self-interest. The Client is at the centre of everything we do. Provide great service by going above and beyond for all customers. Deliver amazing experiences. Don’t do a good job, do a great job. Go the extra mile; it is never crowded.
  • For Client
    Hold the affairs of our clients in strict confidence. Understand that integrity is the bedrock of trust. Maintain honest and ethical behavior. Maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct.
  • Accountability
    Monitor self-performance against goals. gree to appropriate performance standards. Accept responsibility for outcomes of actions. Devote extra time to work when necessary.